July 19, 2024

Modern Bathroom Makeovers – From Functionality to Luxury

Modern bathrooms may be efficient spaces, but that doesn’t mean they have to lack luxury. Bring both form and function together with luxurious touches like an exquisite free-standing tub, classic marble countertops or brass fixtures.

Modern spaces benefit from vibrant hues or eye-catching patterns to add visual interest. Emily Henderson Design used an intricate wallpaper print with geometric floor tiles in this bathroom to bring balance to its pattern play.


Bathrooms provide an opportunity to showcase premium materials and design elements while adding contemporary trends into a space. If your budget doesn’t allow for an overhaul, try adding just a few key features to elevate the space.

Geometric tile patterns make an eye-catching statement in modern bathrooms, such as this bathroom designed by Romanek Design Studio. Their bold zig-zag pattern perfectly adorns the sleek vanity and modern fixtures in this bathroom designed by Romanek Design Studio. Cork material adds warmth, cushion, noise reduction, visual interest and visual interest in this combination of form and function.

Modernizing any room quickly with new flooring options can be achieved quickly and affordably. Lindsey Marlor of Pillow Thought used textured tile and an understated palette to instantly enliven her small bathroom while making it seem larger. She added coziness with a pink rug.


Your bathroom can become the place for striking artwork and decor that reflect your personal taste, such as framed art, decorative mirrors, wall shelves or soap dispensers that help complete the modern feel. Complement these accents with complementary toothbrush holders or wastebaskets.

Greenery and plants are another staple feature in modern bathrooms, bringing natural light into the space while providing contrast against its predominantly white palette. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also becoming increasingly prevalent given biophilic design trends which emphasize nature.

Patterned wallpaper in a small bathroom can make the room appear larger, as in this bathroom designed by Emily Henderson Design. A geometric pattern was combined with solid features like granite countertops and wooden vanity for an eye-catching combination of texture and style.

Statement Tub

The bathtub is one of the most frequently utilized bathroom fixtures for good reason – offering relaxation, cleansing and rejuvenation while simultaneously being an eye-catching focal point in its own right. When given special design consideration it can even become stunning focal point!

Freestanding tubs are a stylish addition to modern bathrooms. Offering sleek lines and more decorative details than built-in models, these freestanding models provide clean lines while adding decorative flourishes like sleek modern slipper tubs or boldly colored Japanese style soaking tubs. Cork adds another visually interesting material which creates an inviting spa-like aesthetic – in this bathroom designed by Shawn Henderson’s it provides both thermal insulation and sound absorption insulation properties that promote relaxation while acting as thermal / sound-insulation measures.

Simple bathroom remodels can become eye-catching with unique window treatments. Emily Henderson of Mountain House Bathroom Renovation fame is using an octagonal window covered by frameless glass enclosure to give bathers access to winter views while still enjoying warm comfort of her soaking tub.


It is vital for high-traffic bathrooms to provide ample storage options, but without compromising their clean aesthetic. There are plenty of stylish solutions that allow users to conceal everyday necessities without compromising aesthetic appeal.

Recessed shelving or niches in the wall provide additional storage space while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. Designer Gretchen Murdock created this elegant bath by including teak shelves to match its green ceramic tile flooring.

Open or glass-fronted shelving units offer another bathroom storage solution that can be tailored to any design style, such as this bathroom from This Hiatus lifestyle blog. Displaying decorative items such as amber jars of body scrub or fragrant bath salts adds visual interest; just as shown here!

Make the most of a bar cart to hold towels and linens like seen in this powder room from Made Design Collective. With its rollable bottom making the RASKOG utility cart easily mobile and its top trays providing space for cotton balls, face wash supplies and other supplies.

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