June 22, 2024

3 Different Types of Cat Doors You Need to Know

As much as cats love the indoors, they also want to be free to roam around the great outdoors. So, instead of being a personal doorman for your pets, why not install an accessible and extremely convenient cat door?

While you might think that all cat doors are the same — in that they serve the same purpose — not all of them are made equal. So, if you want to buy a cat door that’s best for you and your little companion, here are the different types of doors you need to know.

Exterior Cat Door

Generally, you install exterior cat doors at the bottom of your house doors. So, the first thing you need to account for is the thickness of the material. As a rule of thumb, the cat door should have the same thickness as your actual door. If not, the allowable adjustment is within the range of zero to two inches.

Besides thickness, the type of material of a cat door also matters. Plastic, while cheap, is often prone to break. Aluminium might be slightly better, but it’s also not the best option because it expands and contracts as temperature changes. What you need to find is an exterior cat door made with Lexan polycarbonate. This material is durable and resistant to weather conditions.

Wall Cat Door

If you think that an exterior cat door is not the right one for you, perhaps a wall cat door may suffice.

Installing a cat door on your window allows you to lead your pets exactly where you want them to be. What’s more, they’re less obtrusive than exterior cat doors. Unlike exterior cat doors, wall cat doors don’t block your way for when you want to go in and out of your house undisturbed. For this reason, you may want to consider installing this at home.

Electronic Cat Door

Although the previous types are conventional options, there are also more modern cat door varieties you can try, such as the electronic cat door.

Electronic cat doors use sensor tags to automatically lock and unlock the door for the ultimate convenience. But more than that, you can also program the tags to allow pets to go in and out only during a certain timeframe. This type of door adds a layer of security to ensure that your cats are safely where they need to be.

Some of the benefits of opting for electronic cat doors include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Because they’re programmed in a specific way, they can conserve the use of your energy.
  • Versatility: Additionally, you can customise them to your preference by scheduling the locking and unlocking function to the perfect time.
  • Style: Finally, electronic cat doors add a modern flair to your home.

Electronic cat doors come in all shapes, sizes, and models. So, you can pick the perfect one that suits your aesthetics and lifestyle.

Choose the Best Cat Door for You

If you have a feline friend, a cat door is essential to give them the freedom and independence that they’re so used to. But in choosing the right door for your pet, you need to consider two factors: the location of the door and the shape and size of your cat.

For one, it should be situated in an area where the cat can easily reach. For another, it should fit your cat snuggly and comfortably. Knowing the different varieties and their unique qualities can help you buy a cat door that meets your needs. So, in this article, you learnt about the different types of cat doors.

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