April 19, 2024

All you need to know about plant hire Kent and Covid

The UK construction industry remains uncertain due to the effects of Covid, the pandemic hit almost every country in the world, and the effects are massive than expected. However, the Civil Engineering Contractors Association and the Build UK cautioned that the construction industry was among the most affected industries by Coronavirus. Most things affecting the industry are strict guidelines and restrictions concerning safety, movement, work and health; simultaneously, the government wants the construction industry to continue working but putting in place such measures. The virus became a great threat in January 2021, where over 59,000 new cases were reported daily.

Covid dropping infection numbers

Since January 2021, the Covid figures have been dramatically dropping, and now there are about 5,000 cases in a day. The current data released by the market research industry showed that the construction industry is recovering massively. Therefore if you belong to the construction industry, this is the right time to begin building your standalone homes and complexes. At the same time, the real estate prices are low, and it has become hard to predict as there are new variants of the virus, among them the African variant which are becoming threats. Thus you should consider going for plant hire Kent rather than purchasing one.

Factors to consider when choosing machinery

Plant hire Kent is among the top companies in the UK offering construction equipment; they are equipped with different diggers and dampers for hiring with many other attachments needed for construction. Here are some factors to put into consideration when hiring machinery:

The cost of diggers

If you think of buying a new digger, then you should be ready to break your bank balance; they are among the most important machinery for removing soil and other materials from construction sites. Therefore, hiring is cheaper than buying one because the rates are cheaper than the buying costs. Plant hire Kent offers diggers ranging from different weights that are 0.8 to 21 tons; the operating weight and rates determine the cost of the equipment are charged on an hourly basis. If you plan to hire an operator, prepare yourself to pay more as well. This hiring company has a wide range of machinery manufactured by the most famous and reputable brands like Hyundai, Doosan, and Liuogong. Contact FGS Plant to hire digger in kent.

You will find other machinery to hire in this plant, such as buckets, breakers, rakes, grapples, among others. The buying price ranges from 71,500 pounds to 36,000 pounds based on the weight lifting capacity, but you will need to pay about 80 pounds per hour for hiring.

The dumper costs and bits for consideration

Most people find it cheaper hiring a dumper rather than buying one; you can hire dumpers to carry heavy materials around the construction sites. The hiring charges are completely based on their carrying capacity; if you want an operator, the charges increase. For instance, 10-tonne dumper hiring costs are higher than the cost of hiring a 1-ton dumper. However, plant hire Kent offers such machinery at an affordable cost, and they are equipped with different models made by the leading international companies.

The bottom line

Hiring machinery can save your construction company money; if you realize a need for hiring, contact FSG plant Kent to have your excavator and other construction needs met instantly.

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