July 19, 2024

Bathroom Design Basics – The Best Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathrooms are traditionally quite expensive rooms in the home and just like everything else, in the recent times they do tend to bear the marks of their time that they were built. The room is meant to be a personal sanctuary for you and your family and should therefore be designed in your own unique style. Bathroom suites can be designed to your individual taste and often times these come in sets which means all you have to do is buy your toilet, sink, bath and shower units and you are done. Bathroom design is an art in itself and here we will look at some of the different areas that are up for renovation or replacement.

One of the most popular bathroom renovations these days is upgrading the toilet and sink units along with the bath and shower cubicle. Upgrading these will give you a fully enhanced bathroom with all the modern features that you fancy and of course the added comfort. Updating your bath is also a popular choice for most homeowners and is generally the cheapest room to remodel as you can usually purchase everything you need in one room. Updating the bathroom window can be very useful as it will enhance the overall look of the room tremendously. It is a simple fix that many people choose to implement to make their bathroom lighting and space look better than ever.

Bathroom fixtures such as basins, bath tumblers and steam showers are the most common upgrades, however you can upgrade to fit all kinds of different things such as aerators, massages, mixer taps and electric basins all depending on your needs and budget. In the mixer aspect you could replace your old basin with a more modern and energy saving one. You can also add other features such as a sauna, steam shower or even an electronic one. A cheaper option is to install a floor-standing electric basin which is less bulky and much cheaper to run than the old fashioned basins.

Vanities are also a great way to add a bit more contemporary style to your bathroom. Bathroom vanities are traditionally made from metal but there are some very stylish modern models that look great in any bathroom. These new vanities are usually made from stainless steel or have chrome plating and are available in many different sizes and shapes to suit all tastes and needs. Bathroom vanities are not only a great way to give your bathroom a contemporary feel they can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by ensuring the correct mix of fixtures and vanities.

Most people opt for new bathtubs when they remodel their bath. One of the best bathtub styles to opt for is a claw foot tub. They can look fantastic in a rectangular shape but you can get a lot more creative with the design such as using marble faucets or a mosaic design. If you are looking for a more classic and traditional bathtub then consider marble sinks and soap dishes, they work incredibly well in a pedestal style as they are both an accent and a main focal point. Bathtubs have never been easier to accessorize with decorative accessories such as soap dispensers, soap dishes and towel racks.

Choosing the right bathroom design really comes down to your personal preferences and tastes. For instance if you have a smaller bathroom area then you may find that choosing contemporary style toilets can make a big difference to how the room looks and feels. On the other hand if you have a larger bathroom area then opting for the largest and most intrusive toilet units is also worth a look.