April 19, 2024

Bedroom Interior Design For Every Mood

Decorate your bedroom in soothing neutral tones with cozy bedding for a soothing atmosphere. Mixing textures and patterns adds character.

Minimalism is increasingly sought-after for bedrooms because too much clutter disrupts their relaxing vibe, says Decorilla designer Stacy Stutzman. A minimalist bedroom could benefit from having an arranged headboard, clean lines and simple linens to create a relaxing environment.

Space Planning

Your bedroom should be an oasis for rest and restoration. Therefore, ensure its decor is minimalistic to ensure the desired calming effect.

Add textures to your bedroom for added design depth. A combination of woven and upholstered headboard pieces will break up a plain paneled wall, while wood strips placed zigzag patterns can help break up an otherwise monotone plaster wall.

Placement of bedroom doors is key in designing an effective space plan, as their placement has an effect on visual and acoustic privacy from outside. Ideally, they should be set perpendicular to the bed wall so as not to block circulation or consume valuable storage space for dressers and nightstands.

Bedroom windows should be located such that they allow access to three sides of the room while also letting in natural light. Furthermore, depending on your location and requirements for fire code compliance regarding window locations and sizes.


Your bedroom is an intimate space where you can express yourself, with furniture selection being key in creating its overall design.

Decorator Tamsin Johnson recommends selecting a wall color first and coordinating it with other elements in the room, beginning with selecting River Blue from Benjamin Moore for restful nights of restful slumber. A parrot-blue chair and ottoman add rustic charm.

Consider investing in a bed with built-in storage space if you require an extra place for bedding, clothing and other items. A wardrobe or dresser will also add extra storage. Lastly, for small bedrooms consider installing an integrated floor space maximizer that fits onto one wall of the bedroom.

A padded headboard adds both comfort and aesthetic appeal to a bedroom. When styling yours with vibrant artwork or abstract prints that captivate, add matching pillows and an area rug for consistency.


Lighting in a bedroom should make for both bright and happy memories as well as cozy relaxation. Layered lighting that includes ambient, task and accent lights will help ensure that every mood in your room can be accommodated for.

If a full bedroom revamp isn’t in your plans, inject some color with an accent wall or simple bedside lamp. Choose hues that go well with your curtains and bedding like this warm rose hue for an easy way to update the space.

Pendant lights add an elegant and fashionable touch to any bedroom, perfect for creating the atmosphere you want in any room. Choose a modern or industrial look, such as this minimalist fixture, or opt for classic styling with luxe metal finishes like this classic fixture from Dwell. Remember to install a dimmer switch so you can control how bright or dim the lighting is at any given moment; additionally wattage, bulb color and tone of lampshade all impact ambiance of any space you add one in.

Finishing Touches

Once a design has been finalized, the next step should be adding personal touches that make the space truly memorable. When selecting accessories and furnishings for a space, style and functionality should always come first.

Choose a colour palette that’s soothing and relaxing, like deep blues and greens that evoke feelings of tranquility and wellbeing. Additionally, window dressings that provide privacy from light, cold and noise outside should also be selected to maximize comfort levels and create the most relaxing environment possible.

Display photos from your favourite nights out, mementoes from memorable occasions or people, or house plants known to improve indoor air quality – anything to add a personal touch and make your space truly your own! Adding these small touches adds character and makes the space your own.

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