May 25, 2024

Best Materials to Choose for Making Plantation Shutters

Shutters lend your home an attractive charm besides reducing energy costs. Plantation shutters, also known as plantation blinds, often come with wider louvres. The best material is durable, cost-friendly, and offers aesthetic beauty.

Your home’s location, window size, and existing interior décor are worth considering when deciding on a compatible shutter material. Plantation shutters vary in their beauty, durability, and versatility, depending on the material you choose.

Recommended Plantation Shutter Materials

Prioritising materials that gel with your lifestyle and preferences is necessary to earn rewarding returns on your shutters. What works well for you may not be an optimal choice for another and vice-versa.

Suggested below are shutter materials worth investing in:


Opt for eco-friendly and stylish timber shutters for the ultimate in privacy, beauty, and reliability. These shutters reflect cutting-edge design as they are constructed by blending traditional joinery with computer-controlled precision. Even if your windows are uniquely shaped, the shutter is crafted to ensure a flawless fit.

Their styling and design offer inimitable flexibility as the timber can be painted, sanded, and stained to display a preferred colour. All these custom colours are environment-friendly and odourless. Moreover, this plantation blind’s extensive warranty cover, UV inhibitors, and full thermal properties benefit you.

By using 100% recyclable natural wood, handcrafted timber shutters deliver easy maintenance and superior quality. This material should be your preferred choice when a streamlined attractive look, natural light, and privacy on closing the shutter are what you need.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

This firm, lightweight, durable, yet, flexible shutter material is popular with households for being resistant to heat and moisture. PVC shutters capably enhance your interior’s architectural style and detailing with their contemporary appeal. You can cost-effectively add personality and value to your space by installing these.

You can rotate the shutter’s louvres to control light levels, reduce noise, and aid in energy efficiency. When built from sturdy engineered material, powder-coated, and reinforced with an aluminium rod insert, PVC shutters are resistant to splitting or warping. They ensure your windows impressively stand out even from the outside.

Lightweight PVC is certified to be non-toxic and 100% recyclable. You can choose PVC paint shades ranging from expressive darker hues to long-lasting brilliant whites. The UV stabilisers in the paint safeguard against fading even when the sun beats down.


Timeless aluminium shutters provide complete security and transform your space with that perfect blend of temperature, light, privacy, and airflow. Windows prone to dampness or located in areas that experience high traffic benefit from the superior quality of powder-coated aluminium shutter installations.

When available in a wide range of custom colours, you can easily find a plantation shutter to match your décor. The easy-to-operate locking provisions fulfil your security needs. When constructed with a high-performance finish, aluminium shutters will never flake, peel, blister, rot, or warp even with moisture exposure. 

Trust an experienced distributor and manufacturer of window treatments with a reputation to uphold. Such experts offer quality custom-made products for the best price, fast delivery, professional installation, and warranty coverage.

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