June 22, 2024

Plumbing Accessories

Plumbing fixtures play an essential part in maintaining the health and hygiene of homes or buildings’ occupants, offering essential protection. Available in an array of styles and designs to meet user aesthetic preferences.

A wrench is one of the essential tools in any plumber’s toolbox, while faucet keys serve to open and close spigots and sillcocks. Hand augers enable plumbers to clear clogged drain lines more effectively.

Elbow Fittings

Elbow fittings provide an effective means of moving fluid or gas around obstacles and changing direction without disrupting existing connections or routes. Made from carbon steel for low temperature applications and stainless steel for higher-temperature piping environments, elbow fittings come equipped with different end connections – threaded thread, socket weld or butt weld depending on their intended use and material composition.

Selecting the ideal elbow can significantly lower pressure loss by eliminating turbulence and internal erosion, and short radius elbows make a sharper turn than their long radius counterparts. Having long radius elbows have center-to-face dimensions 1.5 times larger than pipe size while short radius ones make sharper turns; choosing an elbow that meets your job requirements will significantly decrease pressure loss by eliminating these factors.

Proper installation of elbows can not only reduce water loss but can also decrease leakage by as much as 50%. To ensure optimal installation, quality plumbing accessories should be selected; this will avoid expensive repairs in the future and save money overall. Likewise, hiring professional plumbers could prevent any mistakes during installation process.

Clamp Fittings

Clamp fittings join two flanged ferrule ends together using a gasket and metal or plastic ring for seal. They’re useful in both standard and high-pressure plumbing systems and often found in membrane filtration systems and other sanitary applications.

One common issue with PEX crimp or clamp connections is a gap that forms in the center of the ferrule between the copper ring and its flanges, creating bacteria-prone spots which may cause clogs or leaks.

To prevent this issue from arising, it’s crucial to use an excellent crimping or clamp tool and apply sufficient pressure when installing tubes. Furthermore, ensure all the flanges are lined up accurately; otherwise a gap may form between them, leading to flow obstruction or even system failure.


Reducers allow you to easily change the diameter of a pipe without altering its nipple size. Available either concentric or eccentric designs and made of metal, PVC, copper and more they may also be welded, butt-welded, fitted, crimped and more depending on their composition and where they’re connecting to.

The Hosemaster offers an impressive selection of plumbing reducers, from compression reducing couplings and bushings with female threaded ends, to elbow couplings and tees – providing our customers with everything they need for plumbing systems. If you are uncertain which plumbing reducer will meet their needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and receive expert assistance today.


A tee is used when multiple branches need to branch off from a pipe at once. Shaped like the letter “T,” these devices often feature between one and three openings on each side for water, gas, or power flow.

Cross tees are pipe junctions with four separate exit points arranged at 90-degree angles from one another, making them useful when water needs to be sent in different areas of your home.

Tank Tees provide two line connections and accessory ports to accommodate pressure switches, gauges, relief valves or drain valves – eliminating the need for multiple fittings or nipples and saving space on pressure tanks.

Plumbers employ pliers to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts too small for wrenches, while thread sealant tape helps them patch leaky threaded connections by patching leaky threaded connections with this form-fitting tape that resists extreme temperatures while stretching for better coverage that never dries out.

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