May 24, 2024

Top DIY Home Improvement Projects For Beginners

Do-it-yourself projects can save you money and feel like a major accomplishment. Thankfully, even for the most inexperienced home remodeler, many projects can be tackled with little specialized expertise and tools.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to brighten up a room. Re-caulking is another low-risk project for beginners that requires only a few tools.

1. Paint a Room

Painting is a quick and inexpensive way to give your home a fresh new look. Be sure to purchase high-quality paint and the right painting tools for a professional finish.

Before you start your project, be sure to turn off the electrical circuits controlling outlets and switches in the room you’ll be working on. You’ll also want to remove wall mounted hardware like hooks and towel bars to prevent a mess.

Begin by shaking your can of wall paint and then opening it with a paint can opener (or screwdriver). Once you’ve removed the lid, stir the paint thoroughly with a stick or a clean piece of scrap wood.

Once you’re ready to begin painting, make sure the area is well-ventilated and use a drop cloth or canvas to protect surrounding surfaces. Be sure to allow your newly painted walls to dry for at least 24 hours before bringing furniture back into the space. It may take up to 30 days for the paint to fully cure.

2. Upgrade Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware can be an overlooked detail that makes a big difference in a room. Replacing dated knobs and pulls is a fast and easy way to freshen up any kitchen, bathroom or home office.

Filling holes properly is an important step in installing new cabinet hardware. Wood putty comes in three different shades and matching the color to the door or drawer front is important for a seamless look. Buy one shade that matches the darkest part of the grain, one that matches the lightest, and a shade in between to create your own custom mix.

To reduce the likelihood of screw threads loosening and becoming unsightly, add a dab of thread sealant to each newly installed screw. You can find the stuff, known by brand names like Loctite, at any hardware store or home center. Using a template when replacing cabinet hardware can make the process faster and increase uniformity throughout the set.

3. Install a Ceiling Fan

The addition of a ceiling fan not only looks attractive, but it also helps cut down on air conditioning costs. This DIY project requires some basic wiring and assembly skills, but it’s a great place to start for beginner home improvementers.

Before starting a ceiling fan project, always make sure electricity to the circuit is turned off. Jon recommends using a non-contact voltage tester to ensure the power is completely off. Then, remove the light fixture by unscrewing the retaining screw or using a flat bar to pry it loose from the ceiling joists.

Once the old wires are disconnected, you’ll need to install a new junction box in the ceiling for your fan. Match the bare copper wire from the ceiling with the corresponding wire in your fan and use wire connectors to connect them together (follow your instruction manual for specific steps). This simple upgrade will help you keep your home cool while saving on energy bills!

4. Add Solar Lights

Whether you are looking to add light in a dark room, illuminate stairs or simply make walking your yard safer, solar lights are an easy and affordable DIY project for any home. They come in a variety of styles, brightness and even colors so you can pick the best one for your needs.

Adding crown molding to your walls is another home improvement project that doesn’t require a lot of expertise or expensive tools. This simple upgrade will give your home a more finished and elegant look for a fraction of the cost.

One of the best ways to spruce up your curb appeal is by landscaping your mailbox. You can add flowers, shrubs and even trees to create a welcoming touch to your home’s entrance. You can also let your personality shine by adding a unique feature to your mailbox. This way, you’ll enjoy seeing it whenever you receive mail. This simple do-it-yourself upgrade can be completed in just a few hours.

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