May 24, 2024

Top Trending Rugs For Living Rooms

Rugs are woven out of thick materials like animal skin or wool and are laid out on floors for decoration and utilitarian purposes. They are ornamental in a room that might otherwise be mundane. People are recreating more minimal spaces and rugs are an excellent way to source it up.

It breaks the monotony in a subtle manner by providing a dash of color. Even if you are someone who prefers neutral tones, you can find rugs to match that aesthetic. You can buy online rugs or find them at a store around you.

Most homeowners prefer to invest in pieces that do not get dirty easily and aren’t high maintenance. Products with more sustainability come to use better than unusual items.

The different trends in rugs have changed over the years and molded into softer color palettes. Earlier they would be sold in more vibrant shades. Buy online rugs to find better deals and an easy return policy.


Here are the different rug trends that have been significant eye-catchers.

  1. Vintage

Akin to fashion, vintage elements are making a comeback in home interiors. Vintage rugs are classic items that lean towards a paler color palette and are easier to style. They are easy to maintain and do not require immense care.

You don’t have to worry about having kids running around the home and wrecking the rug. These rugs can also be found in thrift stores where they are sold for unbelievably low prices. Other high-end designers are also endorsing this trend. Depending on your budget and the setting of your home, you can invest in vintage rugs because they are faddy.

  • Layering

This might sound odd, but layering your rugs has also blown away the interior world by storm. Sometimes we make futile purchases and realize that they do not complement the space. In such cases layering different pieces might serve the purpose and elevate the complete look.

You can try to pair one minimalistic rug with something that borders on vibrant or catchy. You can find impeccable images on social media platforms that serve ready-made looks to inspire you.

  • Frame them

Have you ever wondered what purpose an old, worn-out rug may serve? Thankfully due to this trend, you may now salvage a portion of it and frame it. The thought may sound bizarre and far-fetched but serves as catchy wall art.

Instead of installing the same mundane family pictures, you could try and implement this trend. Moroccan prints are pleasing to the eyes and can fit this purpose. Try vivid designs and colors to make sure that the frame stands out.

  • Jute is back

Much like vintage rugs, jute has made its way home into decoration items. This change can also be credited to the world assuming a more eco-friendly take on life. Jute is a natural fabric and comes in numerous sizes, shapes, and designs. It provides an organic aura and can be installed in areas where one relaxes after an exhausting day.

You can add these to the living room, bathroom, and entryways. They possess longevity and are woven in natural fibers. They are recyclable and have an earthy appeal. You can also reverse these rugs to get optimal usage.


These are some of the most popular rug trends.

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