June 22, 2024

What to use instead of a room divider?

The room dividers are pieces of furniture or screens that are placed in a specific way to divide a room into several parts or separate areas. Those room dividers are used by architects and interior designers to divide a room into a few distinct areas whenever required.

Similarly, you can use office desk dividers to separate the desks of your offices for privacy and increased productivity. These dividers come in different materials, colors, and designs to give your room or office a separate space.

Types of divider walls

There are different types of room dividers that you can use to divide your room into different parts.

  1. Wooden dividers

These are made with wood and are available in different designs and shapes. However, these are not a very good option, as wood is vulnerable to insects, pests, and moisture. Moreover, these are not soundproof or fireproof.

  • Brick dividers

These are a good option for your room because of their durability. These are both fire and water-resistant.

  • Glass dividers

Glass dividers are the most common kinds of room dividers that are popular because of their easy construction and lightweight features. However, those are vulnerable to breakages.

Apart from these, there are other types of room dividers or office desk dividers that you can come across. Some of those are:

  • Asbestos dividers
  • Acrylic dividers
  • Metal dividers
  • Strings dividers
  • Planters dividers
  • Clay block dividers and many more.

What can you use instead of room dividers?

Now, if you wish to have something unique other than those common room dividers to give your house both a unique look and flexibility, then here are some other options for you.

As both the concept of multi-purpose and open-plan spaces is becoming popular nowadays, you can choose to have some unique kind of dividers instead of traditional room dividers.

  1. Curtains

In order to enjoy easy and instant space partitioning, you can trust curtains. To use curtains for dividing your room into separate areas, you just need to suspend a sturdy rod from the ceiling and use hooks or rings to hang beautiful curtains from them.

You can go for a light shade or velvety material as per the interior of your room. These curtains can offer both privacy and spaciousness, which you can enjoy without investing a lot of money.

  • Folding screens

Folding screens have been popular in Asian countries for many decades. These can be used as alternative room dividers because of their several unique features like attractiveness, lightweight, and simplicity. These dividers come in three, four or more parts, along with varieties of colors and designs.

You can also create a folding screen yourself by stapling a non-transparent fabric onto several panel frames.

  • Sliding doors

Sliding doors are another option for dividing your rooms into separate areas without destroying the decoration and look of your room. These are also good options for office desk dividers, which are used in meeting rooms because of their easy use and maintenance.

  • Barn door

If you feel that curtains are too flimsy, you can go for barn doors instead of using those traditional room dividers.

Therefore, there are different options from which you can choose if you are not fond of the traditional room dividers. Some of those can also be used as office desk dividers.

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