June 22, 2024

4 Benefits of Stucco for Your Home

The outside of your property is what leaves a long-term impression on visitors. Stucco makes a home’s exterior look fresh and clean as well as has a number of advantages for the homeowner. Discover more about stucco and this material can give households a variety of advantages.

What is Stucco?

Stucco is made out of water, cement, sand, and lime, and it may be painted any color once it has dried. Contractors combine stucco then apply it in various coats over a wire base, known as a lath, to provide a lasting, smooth finish for the home’s facade. Stucco is a great choice for a contemporary home finish, but stucco contractors may make it in a number of textures to produce the style you want. These styles include raked, swirled, coarse, smooth and pebbled.

The 4 Benefits of Stucco that You Can Reap

Stucco is a popular building material for a variety of reasons. The following are four of the most important advantages of stucco for the exterior of your home:

Adds Value to Your Property

For a variety of reasons, choosing stucco for the exterior of your property can raise its value. Stucco is sound dampening, low maintenance, energy efficient, rot resistant, fire resistant, and contributes excellent curb appeal on your home’s exterior. It will increase the value of your property if you plan to sell it as well as allow homeowners to qualify for lower home insurance costs.


Stucco is a very long-lasting material for your home’s exterior since this cement combination can endure up to 50 years with less to no repairs. Because stucco naturally expand then contracts with the weather, it is less likely to break or tear apart as the seasons change. Stucco’s exterior will be immune to mold, rot, and mildew once it has been properly waterproofed by a professional.

Easy to Install

The installation of the stucco takes roughly two days to accomplish, that includes the drying time. It is a versatile tool that can be laid to a variety of materials, including concrete and wood masonry, in addition to being a quick process. It is now time to choose a color for your stucco once it has been installed. Enjoy the process, and you keep in mind that, unlike brick, you may alter the color at any time you want to so you can personalize your exterior. With stucco, you can enjoy your elegant property for a long time.

Maintenance The amount of maintenance required for your stucco is relatively low. Stucco need not be reinstalled, replaced, painted, or cleaned as frequently as other materials such as siding. Stucco is an excellent alternative for American because all we have to do is clear the snow away from the stucco-covered buildings and divert eaves troughs away from stucco-covered walls. You may use a power washer to clean your walls if they become dirty, and you may paint the stucco if you want a change, in addition to protecting it from becoming damp on a regular basis.

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