July 19, 2024

Your Best Guide to Maintaining Your Property’s Steel Windows

Steel windows have a solid reputation, and if you have steel windows in your structure that has lasted for ages, then you know exactly what we mean. Steel windows can last a lifetime and more, but they still need proper maintenance for you to enjoy them for a longer time. You can do your part by always making sure to wash the metal surfaces down whilst you clean the glass as well, and you should also carry out a yearly inspection to ensure that all the parts and components of the windows are working properly. But what else should you remember when it comes to maintaining your property’s steel windows? Here’s your best guide.

Periodical cleaning

Most standard modern window frames today come with a polyester colour-coated finish that’s applied in the factory. You should make sure to wash this down regularly, and your best bet is to wash it once every three to six months or 12 months, based on the amount of salt or grime in the surrounding area. When you wash the windows, use a gentle non-alkaline cleaning detergent dissolved in warm water, and apply the solution with a sponge or soft piece of cloth. Stay away from nylon pads or bristle brushes. Once you have wiped them down, rinse them using clear and cold water. With this, you can ensure that the window finish can last from a decade to up to 20 years without any need for re-coating.

Recoating and redecoration

If your steel windows have already existed for more than 20 years and you believe that it’s time to re-coat and redecorate them, you can make use of a standard topcoat or undercoat alkyd system. But make sure you clean the surface first and roughen it slightly before applying the re-coating.

If you notice any areas with small scratches or chips, you can apply a special paint, and you can get this paint from your window installer or supplier. The paint can air-dry but don’t expect it to weather in the same way as your window’s original coating, which is oven-baked, so it’s best to limit its use. If there are larger damaged areas or spots on your steel windows, it’s better to have these restored or replaced by a specialist, such as those specialising in Crittall window repairs like https://metwin.co.uk/. These specialists will know precisely what to do and what materials to use, which may include resin as well as hardener sprays.


You should also ensure that the moving components or parts of each window as well as the weather seals are flexible and free from paint. But if you see some distortion and it’s already affecting the window’s functionality, it may be time to strip off the paint, particularly on all surfaces that ‘meet’ or join. Take special care to clean the paint from the hinges. To be more thorough, close the window and check for any large gaps in between both the moving and fixed parts. If the window gaps are already too big or the window’s frame is noticeably bowed, which means it’s gaping at each corner and the centre is too tight, you should seek help from an expert in restoration as well. 

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