June 22, 2024

5 Things to Know Before Getting Solar Panel Installation

Stop yourself before you make a costly error!

When installing solar panels on your roof, there are a number of factors you need to be aware of. The solar panel installation is not a difficult process. However, there is a tiny margin for mistakes, and this can lead to highly costly repairs. For proper solar panel installation on your building, solar companies are necessary.

Upon making the decision to install solar panels on your roof, here are some of the factors you need to consider.

  1. Can the roof material or type support solar panels?

When moving forward with your solar purchase, this is among the most essential topics to think about. Even though a proportion of households might have sturdy roofs that can handle solar panels, several might have to have their roofing renovated before adding solar panels. After the solar installation, you may absolutely remove your solar panels to repair your roof, and you might need to do so at least once throughout the course of your solar panels’ lifespan. Hence, it is best that your roof is in tiptop shape.

2.    How long will you stay on your property?

It can be difficult to decide how long specifically you will stay in a particular home. You don’t have to conclude that the house will be your permanent house, but you should be certain that you will be staying there for at least a long time to reap the rewards of your investment in your solar panel roof.

Normally, solar loans require around seven and ten years to accumulate off, so you’ll usually would like to stay on the property for three to five years just after panels are installed. However, you can bounce back rapidly your investment thanks to tax benefits and increased resale value!

3.    Do you have tall trees that will need to be trimmed or removed?

Trees can seriously harm your solar panels in addition to being one of the leading causes of damage that can occur to roofs. Before installing your solar panels, it will be necessary to remove any hanging trunks. Furthermore, tree branches that hang over your solar panels will cover them and restrict them from generating as much energy as possible.

4.    What direction does your roof face?

It’s really important to understand the characteristics of which way your roof faces. A roof that faces the true south will receive more sunlight than a roof facing any other side. The solar panels will have the maximum amount of exposure to sunlight if your roof faces south. Roofs that really don’t pose south are still suitable, so make sure to get in touch with one of our solar professionals to learn more about how your roof’s orientation may impact solar energy generation.

5.    Are there warranties on the solar panels you’re installing?

The majority of significant solar panel companies do offer warranties on their products. When you’re talking to a provider about installing solar panels on your house, you must make sure the panels they installed have a quality and long warranty and if they guarantee the complete life of your latest solar panels.

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