May 25, 2024

Your Ultimate Guide to Designing and Creating the Ideal Show Home

Show homes are a necessity for many real estate firms, and the right show home can be an excellent investment for those looking to sell the property to the best buyer. What you should know about show homes is that they are designed to show off (hence the name) a home in the most favourable light, and they are ‘staged.’ This means that they are designed and created to establish a certain mood and ambience, and more importantly, designers create them to make buyers desire the home. Show homes are bigger, warmer, brighter, and much cleaner than your average home for sale, and they are supposed to give viewers a feeling of belonging so they can imagine themselves residing in that place and making it theirs. But if you are wondering how you can design and create the ideal show home, here’s your ultimate guide.

  1. Focus on a spacious, airy feel

The first thing you need to do is focus on a spacious, airy feel – but this is easier said than done, especially if the home you have to work with is not that spacious. But what makes show homes different from the average home is that they are free from clutter. So a room that’s clutter-free can already look more spacious automatically. What’s more, show home furniture is chosen with care so that it fits the room’s size. The key is to carefully select your furniture and install some key elements, but make sure viewers and potential buyers can still see the room’s floor area or space. Also, ensure that viewers can easily walk through the room.

  • Make a statement with lights and lamps

A Showhome Interior Design specialist such as Blocc will also tell you that perfect lighting is crucial. Of course, lights are already a necessity, but you can use lighting to set the ambience and mood and highlight a specific feature, such as a beautiful bed, a painting, a sculpture, or a well-designed dining area. When you properly use lighting, it can once again draw the eye of your visitors and keep them distracted from less noteworthy elements. To get a better effect, place a stunning chandelier in the dining area and make sure to turn on all your lamps during viewings. 

  • Choose simple yet elegant décor

If you may have noticed, the décor featured in show homes is usually quite simple. It won’t do to be too flashy with ‘screaming’ pieces of furniture and décor – the simpler, the better. The décor should be easy to view because you need furniture to make a point. The décor is just there to accentuate the existing furniture in the room. It’s best to go for décor that’s crisp and fresh and inherently modern.

  • Be clever with mirrors

Mirrors have been in wide use in show homes for years, and there’s an excellent reason for this. Mirrors can effectively reflect light and make a home look brighter and airier. If you place a big mirror on a wall, it draws the viewer’s eyes and keeps them distracted long enough not to focus on a weak area like an old mantel or fireplace. If your show home has an inner hallway without any natural lighting, you can use mirrors to brighten up the space as well.

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